VCT Pacific Stage 1 Group Matchups Revealed!

VCT Pacific Stage 1 Group Matchups Revealed!

Hey there, young gamers! Get ready for some awesome news. The VCT Pacific Stage 1 is just around the corner, and guess what? It’s happening at a cool new venue! Starting on April 6, the gaming arena will be buzzing with energy as teams gear up for an epic face-off.

VCT Pacific Stage 1 : The Group Stage Galore

Riot Games has spilled the beans on the group stage matchups, and it’s going to be a blast! In Stage 1, teams are getting split into two groups: Alpha and Omega. Alpha is rocking five teams, while Omega boasts six teams. They’ll be diving into intense single round-robin battles, playing best-of-three series. The top three champs from each group will then strut their stuff in the Playoffs. The stakes are high, and only three slots to VALORANT Masters Shanghai are up for grabs. It’s going to be a double-elimination showdown to secure a spot as the Pacific representatives in China’s first global event!

VCT Pacific Stage 1 : Championship Points and Victory Vibes

But wait, there’s more! Every match won brings teams a sweet Championship Point. And guess what? The Stage 1 champs get an extra three Championship Points! Why does this matter, you ask? Well, these points will add up, and at the end of the season, they could be the golden ticket to Champions 2024. Currently, Gen.G is holding three points from their victory at VCT Pacific KICKOFF. It’s all about building that winning streak!

Dates to Remember

Mark your calendars, little champs! VCT Pacific Stage 1 is kicking off on April 6 and will be rocking the gaming world until May 12. The tournament is split into two thrilling stages:

  • Group Stage: April 6 – April 29
  • Playoffs: May 3 – May 12

All the gaming action starts at 4 PM (SGT/GMT+8). So, get ready to witness some mind-blowing plays and strategic moves as the teams battle it out for glory!

New Venue Alert!

Exciting news – the gaming battlefield is shifting to Coex Artium in Gangnam, Seoul. It’s a change from the previous KICKOFF location at S Factory, and we can’t wait to see the gaming vibes at this fresh spot. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the Stage 2 Grand Finals venue – the suspense is real!

That’s a wrap for now, young gamers. Get ready for an unforgettable VCT Pacific Stage 1, filled with thrills, spills, and gaming chills. The stage is set, the teams are ready BETSLOT – let the games begin!